Q: How many km can it cover with battery?

25-30km per Full Charge on 70kg weight. Varies with Rider Weight, Road, Traffic, Slope, Tire Pressure, etc.

Q: How long the battery will take to charge full?

The bike can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.

Q: Is the cycle pedal made of alloy?

A: Yes, the cycle pedal is alloy.

Q: How to check charging?

A: You can check charging levels on the LED Display. While connecting the Red LED is ON; when battery is fully charged, it turns green.

Q: Is it available in Black color?

A: No. It is only available in Sea Green and Sparkling Bronze color.

Q: What is the Customer care number?

A: Here is the customer care number: +91 84480 97523

Q: Does the cycle have a suspension?

A: Yes, the cycle has a front-fork suspension.

Q: I'm from Eluru Andhra Pradesh this company service center is available near my location.

A: No, it isn’t available there.

Q: What is the price of the Electric cycle?

A: The MRP of the cycle is Rs. 30,000

Q: What is the Warranty and guarantee of the cycle?

A: You can check the detailed warranty description by clicking here: https://www.gosporty.in/pages/warranty

Q: Where is the battery and how to charge?

A: Gosporty Bronze comes with a 36V Lithium-Ion battery that is inbuilt inside the downtube of the frame and can be charged in 3-4 hours.

Q: How can I order this bicycle with Orange colour?

A: Before you place an order, just tap on the orange icon.

Q: How to assemble my cycle?

A: About 85-90% of a Gosporty cycle is assembled when shipped for its orders. This makes set-up and assembly convenient and less time-consuming for our customers. However, getting the assembly right the first time is critical for a great riding experience as well as for safety. In case you choose to assemble the bicycle yourself or in a remote scenario where the company is not able to arrange for a technician, we strongly recommend getting the bicycle assembly verified by a local technician.

Q: What exactly is battery size? On website it says 2 numbers: Lithium-low Battery (Frame Inbuilt) 36V 7.65Ah and also 6.36 Ah Panasonic cells?

A: The exact battery dimension is 420mm(L) 62mm(b) & 42mm(h). Battery is Lithium-low Battery (Frame Inbuilt) 36V 7.65Ah

Q: 7-10 saal ke bachhon ki cycle chahiye?

A: People above 14years of age are recommended to ride Gosporty Electric cycle.

Q: Hi, I would like to know more related to this bicycle please contact me.?

A: You can reach out to us at this number: 8448991179

Q: I am a senior citizen and want to buy one good electric bicycle. Please suggest me one.

A: You can go for Gosporty Bronze. It is efficient, reliable, and easy to ride.

Q: I want to buy a Gosporty Cycle

A: Check out the product page: https://www.gosporty.in/products/bronze?variant=47281179918631

Q: Can this bicycle battery be changed in future?

A: Yes it can be replaced only at the time of battery service or installation of new battery..it can be done by experienced technician or company authorized personnel or dealer.

Q: Can this will pull a slope easily?

A: Our Cycle can effortlessly cover slopes up to 15 degrees.