Revolutionize The Way You Ride with Gosporty

Revolutionize The Way You Ride with Gosporty

Making More Out of E-Bikes

The 1900s was a decade where people saw several innovations in science. One of these innovations was the concept of ‘cycle’ that came around in 1853. Around 40-50 years later, this field received better technological inputs and developed the earliest version of an ‘electric cycle’. However, the operable E-bikes that we know of came around only in the 1990s.

To date, there have been many advancements that are noteworthy. These include better designs and sustainability, increased security and sturdiness, and more durable bicycle parts. And for obvious reasons, as time gradually passed, E-bikes started to receive the attention and demand that they deserve.

Gosporty seeks to revolutionize the way you ride. We aim to take the electric cycle in India to newer heights where they stand a class apart from the rest. We carefully build our e-bikes to harmonize with our environment while delivering the customer a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re going to work, traveling and exploring, or simply going on a stroll, Gosporty’s e-bikes offer a greener, healthier, and smarter way to travel.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality. Each electric cycle is made with high-tech parts that increase its efficiency and make it long-lasting. These two-wheelers will not only be a wiser choice to travel but would be a healthier one as well.


Bronze: A Beast That Can Take Over All Roads

Introducing Bronze, an electric beast that is made to deliver the best travel experience to you. Gosporty Bronze has been engineered with supreme skill and perfection that give you a smooth riding experience. This E-bike harbors a 250-watt motor alongside a 36V Lithium-Ion battery. You can always shift to Pedal Assist mode for a faster ride. No matter what road you choose to travel on, Gosporty’s Bronze will make the trip memorable. Make travelling better and more enjoyable!

Here's a list of the features that make this E-bike worth choosing:

  • Tires:

Wet surface? Dry Concrete? Rocky Roads? Don’t worry, we have you backed up with our potent High-Traction Nylon Tires that provide great control on all terrains.


  • Motor:

The powerful 250-watt IP65 Motor ensures that your ride has enough strength and acceleration to conquer all highs and lows.

  • Battery:

The 36V Lithium-Ion electric cycle Battery is the reason why your E-bike will never give up on you during the journey. Make your journeys long, thrilling, and exciting.


  • Disc Brakes:

Avoid getting into accidents with super responsive Front and Rear Disc Brakes. When paired with the grippy Nylon Tires, your ride is bound to never lose control.


  • LED Display:

The bright LED Display will keep you updated with the battery levels of your E-bike.


  • Headlight:

When it gets dark, turn the headlight on for more vision.


  • Suspension:

A Front Fork Suspension enables your ride to withstand great amounts of pressure and deliver you the optimal riding experience


  • Electronic Lock:

With an electronic lock, your Gosporty E-bike cannot be turned on without a key. Keep it safe and protected at all times.


  • Comfortable & Stylish Seat:

Who doesn’t fancy a beautiful-looking seat? Gosporty offers color-coordinated Premium seats that both look stylish and feel comfortable.


  • Charger Pin:

With the help of an easy-to-access Charger Pin, you can always keep the battery levels of your E-bike up.


 Gosporty: A Reliable & Trustworthy Brand

We aim to provide an electrifying journey by offering convenient and affordable alternatives to conventional transportation modes, especially in urban areas where traffic congestion and pollution are major problems. We have created Electric Bicycles that are powered by the excellence of Indian engineering and the passion of our team. Our fastest Electric cycle is an eco-friendly and hassle-free companion to commute in city traffic, without the need for fuel, license, or registration.

More so, we manufacture E-bikes that are both affordable and the best in style and performance. We listen to what you say and we pay attention to your demands. Head over to a Gosporty electric cycle shop for the best real-time experience. Many customers who are a part of the Gosporty family have expressed their excitement and joy. Their positive feedback is nothing less than a fuel that both keeps us on our toes and enables us to keep improving from time to time.

What’s even better is that each part of your electric cycle for adults will be covered under a certain warranty period, meaning that your ride will stay protected for long periods of time.


It takes a lot of effort to build an electric cycle. It begins by procuring top-notch quality parts, then goes on to assembling them, and finally it all rests on how it performs. You, as a customer, contribute a lot to this journey as your experience is all that matters to us. Become a part of this journey to take us to a future where E-bikes bring us closer to a sustainable environment and overhaul our traveling means as well.