Pedalling Towards Wellness: The Rise of Electric Cycles for Corporate Employees

Pedalling Towards Wellness: The Rise of Electric Cycles for Corporate Employees

In our busy lives, it is very difficult to find time for any physical activity. Here comes the electric cycle under 30000 for rescue. These e-cycles are giving corporate employees an option to look after their physical health as well. This friendly and sustainable mode of transportation is also giving us an option to stay healthy and happy. It is not only revolutionizing the way people travel to work but also providing them with a healthy alternative. So, in this blog, we will look at why e-cycles are becoming desirable among corporate employees. 

Shifting Away from Traditional Transportation

Traditionally, going to work has been a tiresome process especially when people have spent long hours waiting for public transport to arrive or if they are stuck in traffic congestion. However, now environmentally sustainable options are becoming popular gradually. The electric cycle is one such option. It is sustainable and has motors and pedal assist and they are cheap too.

Promoting Corporate Wellness Through Electric Cycles

Promoting Physical Activity 

Riding an electric cycle under 30000 is a low-impact form of exercise so people from any age group can ride an e-bike easily regardless of how fit they are. Low-impact exercises are especially good for those having joint points. Riding it can reduce joint pains and further strengthen lower limb strength too. Thus by making daily commutes a part of their routine, employees can keep their joint pains in check and their body fit.

Sustainable Mode

Electric cycles are much more environmentally friendly and sustainable as compared to their traditional counterparts. Their rechargeable batteries produce zero emissions. Thus, they are a great mode of transportation to reduce air pollution and minimize carbon footprints. Since electric bicycles run on electricity, they eliminate the need for fossil fuels and help us create a cleaner, greener environment. Additionally, the e-bikes are silent, which means they help us reduce sound pollution too. Therefore, a lot of corporate Wellness programmes encourage the use of electric cycles to fulfill their responsibility towards the environment. 

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Another reason for using an electric cycle is that e-cycles have to maintain work-life balance. Traffic congestion is one of the major hurdles faced by every urban commuter. Purchasing an electric bicycle can help corporate employees to navigate traffic congestion in cities very easily. They are quite easy to maneuver through steep hills. Further, they are faster than traditional modes of transportation, thus allowing them to reach your destination in no time. By starting and ending the day soon, they can reduce stress levels, improve mental health and create a balance between professional and personal lives. 

Implementing Electric Cycle Programs in the Workplace

Providing Incentives

To encourage employees to use e-cycles many companies are offering incentives and tax incentives. By providing tax incentives for buying electric cycles, they are making it financially easier for employees to switch to eco-friendly modes of transportation. 

Creating Infrastructure

In addition to providing incentives companies are also providing proper infrastructure for their employees. They are creating dedicated bike racks, charging stations, and designated cycling lanes to make commuting smooth and easy.


As The need for a sustainable and healthy mode of commute is increasing, the popularity of e-cycles is increasing among corporate employees. As more companies start embracing electric cycles, soon in the next few years we will see that commuting has become not only easier but also sustainable and healthier.